JDR Game Boards

We used what we knew about John D. Rockefeller to create the game boards below. The questions in the quiz and crossword puzzle were also used as the question cards for these games.

kaitlin.GIF (302581 bytes)
by Kaitlin

stephanie.GIF (289348 bytes)
by Stephanie

carolyn2.GIF (297184 bytes)
by Carolyn

dannyco.GIF (282998 bytes)
by Danny Co.

anita.GIF (93422 bytes)
by Anita

samantha.GIF (252374 bytes)
by Samantha

jasperGIF.gif (282468 bytes)
by Jasper

frankie.GIF (278718 bytes)
by Frankie

sandro.GIF (287685 bytes)
by Sandro

omari.GIF (373496 bytes)
by Omari

tomislav.GIF (313948 bytes)
by Tomislav

danielca.GIF (374565 bytes)
by Daniel Ca.

christian.GIF (320523 bytes)
by Christian

anthony.GIF (375938 bytes)
by Anthony


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