Match the Country 

Print out the page and put the letter of the fact 
below on a line next to the country's flag.




__   __  
__   __  
__   __  
__   __  
__   __  
  1. In 1776, they had a strong navy.
  2. They had fought several wars in Europe.
  3. At the start of the war, they had no army or navy.
  4. Their soldiers were not used to hot summers and cold winters.
  5. The war was fought on their homeland.
  6. Their soldiers learned from Indians how to fight in the wilderness.
  7. They had factories to produce guns, ammunition, and clothing for the war.
  8. They were helped by Lafayette, von Steuben and Kosciusko.
  9. Many believed in the slogan "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
  10. The war was not popular in their country, and their citizens did not want to continue paying for it with high taxes.




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