Nancy Morgan Hart
by Christian M.

Nancy Morgan Hart was born in 1765 and died in 1830. She was not an educated person but she loved the idea that everyone should be free. She had a big heart for her friends. They say she didn't have very good manners but she knew how to handle a gun. She was a sharpshooter.

She made history by shooting a gun at some Loyalist soldiers who broke into her house. First she and her daughter Sukey tricked them by making a turkey for them. Then when the soldiers started drinking, Nancy grabbed one of their guns and fired. She shot one of the soldiers dead. Her daughter then handed her another musket and she fired and killed another British soldier. They then agreed to surrender but Mrs. Morgan Hart kept them until her husband returned. He was about to shoot them all but his wife told them that they had surrendered and she said that shooting was too good for them.

So the dead men were dragged outside and the others were taken outside and hung from a tree. This story turned out to be true many years later when a railroad company was planning to build where the Hart cabin was. When the railroad tore down the cabin they found six skeletons!



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