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Student Projects 2003-2004


What we Want to Learn - KT 
When We Grow Up
... - KH
What We Grow Up - KT
The Unicorn - KT 
Birds, Birds, Birds - KH

1st Grade

Apple Math - 1M  
Apple Math
- 1S
Bear Cinquains - 1M
Bear Rhyming Poems - 1S 
Under the Sea
- 1M & 1S 
If I Had Antlers...
- 1S
The Colors of Winter
- 1S  
Winter Counting Book
- 1M 
Counting Spring - 1S
Endangered Animals - 1M

2nd Grade

What We Want to Learn - 2R
What We Want to Learn
- 2T 
Halloween Couplets - 2R
Halloween Couplets
- 2T
Halloween Word Problems - 2R
Halloween Word Problems - 2T
Scarecrow Stories
- 2T  
Scarecrow Stories
 - 2R 
Wright Brothers Poetry
The Mitten- A Ukrainian Folk Tale
Wright Brothers Poetry
Harriet Tubman Timeline - 2T
Charlotte's Web List Poems - 2T 
All About Pigs - 2R & 2T

3rd Grade

Catch a Wave with 3O
Catch a Wave with 3S  
Haiku Poems by 3O
Cherished Treasures - 3S

Summer Olympics

4th Grade

Native American Cinquains - 4A
Native American Cinquains - 4D
Colonial Tradesmen 

Middle School

Art Exhibit - 2004
Highlights from the 1980s
Highlights from the 1970s

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