George Washington
By Jesse

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. He did not learn how to read, write, or do math in school. Instead he learned at home with a tutor. Math was his best subject. His father died when he was 11 and he lived with his mother until he was 16.

George moved to his half brother Lawrence's Estate, Mount Vernon, when he was 16 and he got his first job. They taught him how to be a surveyor. He inherited Mount Vernon when Lawrence died. He lived there for the remainder of his life.

Washington married a young widow, Martha Custis, at age 26. Washington and his wife had no children of their own. She already had two children, Washington adopted them. She moved to Mount Vernon to live with him. 

In 1775, he was asked to be Commander in Chief of the of the Continental Army during Revolutionary War. He and his troops had a hard time during the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. In addition, they had very little food and poor clothing. Some of them were lucky to survive until spring.

After the war, he returned home. Since he was such a great commander that the Continental Congress wanted George to be the first President. They elected him in 1789. He wanted to help his country instead of being President. George finally gave in and took the job. 

During his first term he accomplished many new things. Washington accepted Jay's treaty which settled the arguments between America and the British. He was a serious President. Thomas Jefferson was his Secretary of State. Two parties began to develop during his first term. At first, he ran the government from New York City and then later from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Washington did not want to serve a second term, but people begged him so he did it again. He ran for a second term against John Adams. He beat John Adams by 39 votes and Adams became his Vice President. Washington decided that the Bill of Rights should be added to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights changed within 2 years. Washington agreed that they should have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and Freedom of Religion.

George retired because he was getting old and also because he refused to serve a third term. He enjoyed his last three years at Mount Vernon peacefully. He died on a Monday, December 14, 1799.

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