Theodore Roosevelt
by Clare

Guess what? If my President was not a President we might not have stuffed animals called Teddy Bears! Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York City. He had two sisters and one brother. He had asthma and was too sick to attend school so his Aunt Bulloch taught him at home. Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway Lee on October 27, 1880. They had 1daughter, Alice. After his daughter was born his wife died.  Two years later he married Edith Carow. They had four sons and one daughter.

He went to Harvard University and graduated in 1880. Thatís really excellent if you did not go to high school and elementary school. Then he went to Columbia Law School but did not graduate. Before Theodore became President he was a Colonel in the Spanish-American War and a writer. He was also the Governor of New York and a member of the Legislative.

The party Theodore belonged to was the Republican Party. His Vice President was Charles Fairbanks. Roosevelt became President after McKinley was assassinated. Roosevelt was the youngest man to become President. (John F. Kennedy was the youngest man elected President.)

Theodore Roosevelt's major accomplishments when he was in office are that he pushed for creation for the Panama Canal, and Oklahoma was admitted to the U.S. in 1907. Once, Roosevelt was shot in the chest and refused to go to the hospital. He gave his speech and then went. He received a Noble Peace Prize in 1906! Theodore broke up trust companies including Standard Oil. He came between strikers and the Pennsylvania Coal Company. He wanted to protect Americans from greedy big business.

Some foreign problems Roosevelt had were the Panama Canal was built and he helped sign a peace treaty between Russia and Japan. That helps a lot!

Theodore died on January 6, 1919. Roosevelt will always be known as a Teddy Bear!!!

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