John Quincy Adams
By Yashu

John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States and the only President that is the son of another President. He was born on July 11, 1767 in Braintree (now called Quincy), Massachusetts. He was the oldest son of John Adams, the second president. He grew up during the Revolutionary War. He started his education under his mother, Abigail Adams' supervision. 

John Quincy Adams did a lot before his Presidency. He lived in Europe from ages 10 to 17. When he was only 14, he acted as a French interpreter. In 1783, he was present at the signing of the Treaty of Paris. After returning to the U.S., he graduated from Harvard University and studied law. 

In 1797, when John Quincy Adams was on a mission to England, he married Louisa Catherine Johnson, daughter of an American consul in London, England. She is also one of the few first ladies that is foreign born. Together they had 4 children. Once more he returned to the U.S., by that time he already mastered French, Spanish, Latin, Greek and Dutch. In 1803 John Quincy Adams was elected to a short term in the Senate.

In the election of 1824, he ran for the Democratic-Republican Party, with his running mate John Calhoun. His biggest opponent was Andrew Jackson, General of the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson received a lot of popular votes. However, Jackson didn't receive a majority of votes, so the House of Representatives elected Adams President. John Adams who was then 90 years old was very pleased at his son's victory.

John Quincy Adams' one term as President was generally happy years for the United States. He believed in liberty with power. Under John Quincy Adams, Congress approved the extension of the Cumberland Road into Ohio and the building of the Ohio Canal.

In 1826, the U.S. was invited to attend the Pan-American Conference in Panama City, Panama. Adams decided to send two U.S. delegates to attend the meeting, but his success turned into failure. One delegate died of fever on the way and the other's departure was so late that the meeting adjourned before he even arrived.

When John Quincy Adams ran for his second term as President, he was beaten by Andrew Jackson. Still, John Quincy Adams did a lot after his presidency. He became a member of the Whig Party and also a member of the House of Representative.

In 1845 he disapproved of war with Mexico. However, he collapsed on February 21, 1848 while presenting the Sword of Honor to the American Generals who had won the war. He died two days later, on February 23, 1848 in Washington D.C. He was buried in Quincy, Massachusetts next to his wife.


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