On Living During the Time of
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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If I had lived in the 1960's I don't think I would like it. I would be afraid of maybe not fitting in. I hated the way the blacks got treated. They had to use different water fountains, bathrooms and especially in the movie theaters. The blacks would have to get the not great spot, they would have to go upstairs. The whites on the other hand didn't. The blacks would also have to sit in the back of the bus.

This also was totally not fair. So I wouldn't like living back in the 1960's I like the way I live now things aren't as segregated as they were back then. Now both blacks and whites can use the same water fountains, bathrooms and movies. They also can sit and stand where they please. Nobody can tell them what to do. We have more rights then in the 1960's. We can also play with who we want and nobody will get mad like they used to.

This is the past and present for what it would be like for me during the 1960's.
by Erica

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I think if I lived back in time, when Martin Luther King was alive, I would have been moved by his speeches. I would want to help stop segregation. I could talk to other people about being more fair to black people. Everyone had a right to a good education, good jobs and fair wages.

Today there are much better chances for minorities in work places and in schools. However in some areas of the country much work is needed.
by Maggie

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