National Parks

We worked in pairs to create these presentations for you to enjoy. Here was our assignment:

You are a Park Ranger and are lucky enough to have a partner. You work in one of the United States or Canada’s national parks. Visitor attendance has dropped dramatically. Your boss is very concerned, as are you. Your job, along with your partner, is to make a Power Point presentation to attract new visitors to your park.

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Acadia National Park by Emily & Greg
Badlands National Park by Rao & Steven
Banff National Park Ashley, Kristina & Maureen
Capitol Reef National Park by Danny & Jon
Forillion National Park by Anthony & Nathan
Forillion National Park by Ryan & Eva
Glacier National Park by Carmen & Alexandra
Grand Canyon by Alex M. & Oliver
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by Eric & Nick
Isle Royale National Park by Caitlin & Gauri
Jasper National Park by Kristen & Maggie
Kalaupapa National Historic Park by Veronica & Daneisha
Mt. Rainier National Park by Luisana & Mariana
Pacific Rim by Brittany & Stephanie
Shenandoah National Park by Brittany M. & Veronica
Voyageurs National Park by Erin & Kai
Whiskeytown Park by Kailey & Nicole
Yellowstone National Park by Alex A & Joey
Yellowstone National Park by Peter & Richie
Zion National Park by Jackson & Amanda


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The photographs used were taken from the National Park Sites.

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