Vancouver Olympic Cyberhunt

  1. The Olympic torch began its journey to Vancouver on October 30, 2009 in what Canadian city?__________________________

  2. Vancouver was named for __________  _________.

  3. What is the current weather in Vancouver? _______________  Look at the Month forecast.

  4. Vancouver has a population of ___________________________ people.

  5. When was Vancouver founded? _____________

  6. The Vancouver Olympic mascots were inspired by First Nations creatures. Name the three mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games?
    _____________________, _________________, _________________.

  7. These are the ______________ Olympic Games held in Canada.

  8. ____________ is the mythical sea bear.

  9. ____________ is the sasquatch.

  10. How are Canadians connecting in their excitement for the Olympic Games? _______________  Play the video

  11. Find the cost of a ticket to your favorite event. _______________   cost:_________________

Bonus:  Which country has won the most medals in Olympic Winter Games ____________ ? Make sure you search for all games.


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