Torino Olympic Cyberhunt

  1. The Olympic torch began its journey to Torino on December 8, 2005 in what Italian city?__________________________

  2. Torino means __________  _________ in English.

  3. What is the current weather in Torino? _______________ Scroll down a bit to see weather.

  4. Torino city has a population of ___________________________ people.

  5. How old is the city of Torino? _____________

  6. The Torino Olympic mascots are the symbol of a young generation that is full of life and energy. Name the two mascots for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games?

    _____________________, _________________.

  7. ____________ is the snowball.

  8. ____________ is the ice cube. 

  9. What mountain chain is home to Torino? _______________

  10. Find the cost of a ticket to your favorite event.
    This one is hard. If you can't read Italian, look for the word English at the top of the page.

Bonus:  The torch will stop in one city not in Italy. Name that city and tell why you think it will stop there? ____________


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