By Arun

To be a Super-G racer you need to go fast like a downhill skier and be able to make turns like a slalom skier. The G in Super-G stands for Giant Slalom so this race is really the Super Giant Slalom. You need the proper equipment. You need a helmet, ski boots, long skies, ski goggles, poles, and a special suit. The poles for a Super-G racer are special, too. They are curved to fit around the skier's body, that helps him or her go faster.

The course has at least 35 changes of direction for men and at least 30 changes of direction for women. The course is longer than the giant slalom but shorter than the downhill.

The course is set on the day of the races. There are no practice runs allowed. The racers have to memorize the course while they are making their inspection of the course.

You only get one chance, so you better make it your fastest run because the fastest time wins the gold! See you on the slope!


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