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Athens 2004   
ESPN covers the Olympics
NBC Olympics site
Scholastic covers the Olympics
Yahooligans Olympics Dailynews 
Infoplease Olympics 
Infoplease 2004 Olympics Site  
Athens Guide
U. S. Olympic Committee 

Ancient Games 
The Ancient Olympics
Ancient Olympics
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Olympics
Olympic Museum

The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum

Modern Movement
International Olympic Committee
The First Olympic Games: Athens 1896
Olympics of the Cold War Years
Olympics through Time
Pierre de Coubertin 
The Modern Olympic Games

The Summer Olympic Games
Unusual sports at the Olympics 
Encarta: Summer Olympics
Olympic Games: Locations & Years

Classroom Activities
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Olympics in the Classroom
Sports Science & the Olympics
Olympic Studies Center


Nutrition & the Olympics
Nutrition & Science in the Winter Olympics 
Nutrition for Elite Athletes 
Olympic Nutrition from 


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