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Have you ever dreamed of skateboarding without wheels? Well, that is what snowboarding is. Snowboarding was invented in the United States in the 1960's. It is a combination of skate boarding and skiing put together. Snowboarders do lots of tricks in the air.  There are four snowboarding events, men's halfpipe, women's halfpipe, men's parallel giant slalom and women's parallel giant slalom.

In the half pipe the snowboarders use a course that is the shape of a half cylinder. It is dug out about 16 feet in ground. The snowboarders pick up speed and when they get to the top they do a trick above the rim. Then they head back down and up the other side and do another trick. The winner is the snowboarder who had the best form and the hardest tricks. There are five judges in each round on the half pipe. If there is a tie between two athletes, the judges go back to the last round. If it's still a tie, the winner is the person that impresses the judges the most. 

In snowboarding, talent isn't all that matters. The snowboarder controls most of the speeds and turns, but the snowboard and other equipment matters too. In half pipe snowboards are wide and flexible, boots are soft, and racers wear helmets. In parallel giant slalom snowboards are narrow, stiff, and longer that in half pipe, boots are hard and racers wear helmets. 

The top six men and top six women in each of the two runs advance to the finals. In the finals, each of the finalists does two runs and the top score wins! 


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