Ski Jumping
By Tomislav, Anthony L., and Matthew M.

Did you ever dream of skiing without poles? Do you ever wish you could fly like an eagle? Well you might want to try ski jumping, it might be the sport for YOU!! Athlete's take off like jets on runways. Once they takeoff, you let your long skis hang from the tips of your toes while you bend over. 

Before you go ski jumping you need equipment. The first thing you need is the jumping suit. You need the jumping suit because it will keep you warm. The next thing you need are the skis because you can't go ski jumping without them. Then, you need boots because the boots have buckles that will keep the skis on. On the boots there is the connection cord that keeps the boots attached to the skis.  After you have all the equipment on, its time for the jump. The skiers ski down a steep ramp that curves up at the end. The curve at the end helps the skiers take off. The skiers are trying to go as far down the hill in the air as they can. All these things have names, the Inrun is when the person gets in a position to take off. The Take Off is where you leave the ground. Next, is the landing. The K Point determines the amount of distance points awarded to the jump. Each athlete gets two jumps. Their score is based on how far they jump and their form in the air.

There are three hills in ski jumping. They are the Individual normal hill, Individual large hill, and Team large hill. Ski Jumping is also a part of the Nordic Combined ski competition. 

Don't ever try to jump at home because you can get seriously injured. But it sure sounds like fun!


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