By Kayla and Tawona

We wanted to learn about Skeleton because the name sounded so cool! Skeleton is an amazing sport that is similar to sledding. It was the first sledding sport for the Olympics. This sport is coming back to the Olympic Winter Games for the third time since 1948. In this sport, the equipment needed is a sled, a special suit, and a helmet. A skeleton is a steel sled with two runners. When you're going down a hill on the sled, you have to go on your stomach and you go head first, thatís one of the rules for skeleton. There are rules about the size and weight of the sled. There are also rules that say how much the sled and driver together can weigh. If you think that skeleton is only for men, it isn't, it's also for women! 

The racers, running with spiked shoes, push the sled to get it started, they have 30 seconds to get it started. They steer by shifting their weight or lightly dragging a toe. They have to use the same sled for each run unless their sled gets broken and can't be repaired. The runners must be made a solid piece of steel. The judges even check the temperature of the runners, there are rules about that too!

The racers make a first run. The top 20 men racers and top 12 women racer get a second run. Those two runs happen on the same day. Their times are added up and the best time wins!

That just about covers what we learned about the Skeleton.


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