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Handball is one of the oldest sports in the history of sport. The famous Greek author, Homer, wrote about a game a lot like handball in his book the Odyssey. In 1922, handball was first played at a Greek sporting club with teams of 7 players each. Handball first became an official Olympic sport in 1936 on outdoor fields. It moved indoors in 1972 and women's handball was added in 1976. 

To play handball you need a handball, a court and teammates. The ball is made out of pure leather and is about 23 inches around for the men's competition. The ball is about 22 inches around for the women's competition. The players wear t-shirts and shorts. 

Handball is played on an indoor court between two teams of seven players each. The objective is to put the ball into a goal using only your hands. The goal is about 6.5 feet tall high and almost 10 feet wide. Each time you put the ball in the goal you get a point. The team with the most points wins. 

Each game lasts for two 30 minute periods with a break in between of ten minutes.  If the game ends in a tie there are two 5-minute over time periods. In the game players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before doing anything with it. 

In the Olympics there is Women's Handball and Men's Handball.


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