Fill in the Blanks
by Andrew & Jose


  1. If you ski the bumps you are a  ________________skier. 

  2. If you are a ________________, you do tricks like daffy, front tuck, and backscratcher. 

  3. You are in the ____________ if you wear cross country skies and carry a rifle. 

  4.  _______ is the nickname for giant slalom. 

  5. If you use music to skate you are probably wearing ___________________. 

  6. If you are lying on a sled and your feet cross the finish line first you are on a ___________. 

  7. If you are riding in a sled with a few teammates you are in a _______________. 

  8. It sure looks like skateboarding but when you do it on snow it is ____________________.

  9. If you are skating on the rink with five of your friends you have enough players to make an _______________ team.

  10. If you want to fly like an eagle get on over to the _________________. 


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