Figure Skating
By Frank, Jose, Samantha, and Stephanie
Animation by Stephanie

Have you ever pictured yourself skating smoothly on ice in front of thousands of people? Then figure skating is for you!

Figure skating is a sport where you dance on ice. Figure skating can be done in pairs or as a single. The only equipment that you need is a pair of skates and costumes. Figure skaters stand gracefully, trying to achieve a smooth, effortless performance. The curved, shorter blade allows them to make sharp turns and spins. Figure Skating was added to the Olympic program of the 1908 Summer Game. 

Ice skating began in Europe hundreds of years ago. People waited until winter to skate on frozen lakes, ponds, and canals. Today indoor ice rinks allow ice skaters to skate all year long.

There are a few different kinds of events: Pairs, Men's and Ladies' singles, and Ice Dancing. Pairs is when partners (a man and a woman) perform difficult and amazing tricks such as spins and jumps. Men's and Ladies' singles is when singles skaters perform. It includes a short program (worth 33.3 % of final score) and it includes a free skate (66.7%)

Participants create outfits that match their style and music. Ladies must wear skirts and men have to wear full length trousers. They also need skates which are boots with metal blades. A maximum of 30 women, 30 men, 20 pairs and 24 ice dancing teams will compete in this Winter Olympics.

Some of America's individual figure skating gold medal winners are Dick Button, Scot Hamilton, Brian Boitano, Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamel, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Tara Lipinski. 

We think Ice Skating is a very cool sport. We're excited to get to see Michelle Kwan represent the United States again!


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