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In the Olympics, men and women can ride together on the same team and against each other in the same events. The rider and the horse both win medals. They are considered a team.  There are different kinds of ways to ride. In the Olympics they ride English style. Here are some of the events!!!!

Show Jumping

Jumping events are held in a grass or sand ring. The horse and rider are judged for speed and accuracy. The contestants jump over 12 to 15 jumps in a certain order and have to do it in a certain amount of time. The horse and rider are penalized if they refuse a jump, knock down a jump, fall off, or go over the time limit. There are several rounds to the competition and the horse and rider with the most points wins.


Dressage events are also held in a sand ring 60m x 20 m. Dressage has three rounds. Grand Prix, Grand Prix special and Grand Prix Freestyle- sounds like Grand Pree- (classes in Dressage). The top 25 horses and riders that make it to the 2nd round, which is the Dressage Grand Prix Special Test, this tests the same actions as the Grand Prix but in a shorter amount of time (which is very hard to do). 15 horses and riders make it for the 3rd round, the Grand Prix Freestyle test. The riders will choose the music they perform to and they choose the actions they will perform. In Dressage the riders wear top hats.


Eventing is part Dressage, part cross-country, and part Jumping. The rider uses the same horse for three days with one event on each day. The cross country race tests endurance, speed, and jumping ability. 

The Equestrian event became part of the Olympics in 1900. In 1976 Princess Anne of Great Britain was a member of her country's Equestrian team.

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