Downhill Racing
By Chris, Daniel Ca. & Michael
Animation by Anthony L.

It is time for the race. Bang, and you're off! Here you go, faster and faster until there's a flag on a pole. You turn your body through the gate trying not to lose speed. You are Downhill Racing! Would you like the wind in your hair, lots of snow, and going fast on long skis? Then the downhill is for you.

The Winter Olympics are happening soon and it will be full of marvelous sporting events and downhill will be one of them. Downhill is a very popular sport for the Winter Olympics it is also has the longest course in Alpine Skiing. To be a downhill racer you need skis, poles, goggles, a special suit, a helmet and no fear. Skiers travel down steep slopes turning when they see red flag. They can go as fast as 80 miles per hour or maybe more.

There are two training races. They are for safety reasons. Then comes the big race. Your skis are waxed and bucked tightly to your boots. Your poles are in your hands, ready to help you push off. Your goggles are on nice and tight, then you're off. Poles dig into the snow helping you go faster. You tuck your poles under your arms. You crouch down and make yourself as small as you can. You want to make your body aerodynamic. You need to go even faster. You turn at each red flag and go as fast as you can to the finish line. 

Each skier gets one try and the fastest time wins the gold medal. The hardest part of this tricky sport is keeping your balance and not breaking any of your bones. Some famous downhill skiers are Jean-Claude Killy, Franz Klammer, and Bill Johnson. 

What an exciting winter Olympics this will be!


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