By Danny, Christian & Arun

Did you ever here about the sport curling? If not, you are now.

The game curling is played on an ice rink. The players work in teams of four. They try to get a 42-pound granite stone to travel to the other end of the rink and stop close to the tee. The point of the game is after all 16 stones are played, you have to have a stone of your team's closest to the center of the Tee. They begin at a place called the Hack and the target at the other end is called the Tee. It is a little like bowling but on ice with a stone that has a handle.

You need the stone, brooms, and the right kind of shoes. One game consists of 10 ends. An end is almost like an inning in baseball. Each team has four members. Two of them sweep the ice in front of the Curling Stone so that the ice is smooth and the stone goes farther. They are called Sweepers. Ten men and women's teams will take part in this winter Olympics.

Curling sounds very confusing but we think we'll try to watch it on TV during the Olympics!

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