By Carolyn, Amani & Samantha

Do you want to learn about one of the BEST sports in the winter Olympics? If your answer was yes then you have to read this.

Imagine yourself bobsledding. You're at the starting line waiting for the buzzer to go off. The crowd is screaming in your ear. Bobsledding is a winter sport. 

Bobsleighing started in Switzerland in the late 1800s. It is one of the original Winter Olympic sports. A four-man event was included in the very first Winter Olympics in 1924. In 1932, a two-man event was added. Women will be competing in the bobsleigh event for the first time in Olympic history. The women's event will be a two-woman event.

Bobsleighs have runners, a main hull, a frame, and a front and rear axle. The hull is made of fiberglass and the runners are made of steel. It can go 90 miles per hour. The events consist of two runs both done on the same day. The winner is the sled team with the lowest time.

To be a bobsleigher you need a helmet, a bobsled, suit, and a number on the car. The start for sleds is very important. The three men in the back push the sled to get it started, after the sled is on its way they jump in. They only have 60 seconds to get started. Steering is also important. The driver of the sled steers by gently pulling on two pieces of string that are connected to a steering bolt that steers the sled.  In the sled you will need a brake to stop you when get to the finish line. Each team is from a different country like Jamaica or Canada. There was a movie made about the Jamaican bobsled team a few years ago. They were very famous for a while. Prince Albert of Monaco will be competing in the 2002 Winter Olympics. But when he is in the sled, on the course he will be known as just Albert Grimaldi, driver of Monaco.

The bobsleigh event is a wonderful sport to watch and it is exciting and fun.

*Bet you wonder why we used the word bobsleigh. That is the title that the rest of the world uses for this event. Americans use the word bobsled!


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