In December

In December, I gaze at all of the decorations on the house and the Christmas tree. I listened to hear the bells jingling on Santa’s sleigh, and the reindeer walking on the roof.

I go outside to see if Santa had come, but all I felt was a big rush of wind on my freezing cold body. The aroma of the cookies for Santa in the oven smelled delightful.

I sniffed at the warm milk, and it smelled delicious. My mouth watered as I smelled the beautiful Christmas dinner my mom had been making.

I felt happy when I opened my presents that Santa gave me. I gazed at the present I loved the most. A Magic Eight Ball. I took the ball out of the box. I asked it " Is this the best Christmas I have ever had?" And it said " Yes " This would be a night to remember forever.

By Sarah


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