In December

In December, I gaze at snow starting to fall. Christmas is right around the corner and at Christmas dinner we have a bunch of goodies.

In December, I gaze at the white, freezing snow falling from the sky. We can go sledding and after doing this you can go inside and drink hot coco.

In December, there is a lot to do to get ready for Christmas. We have to go shopping, decorating, baking and getting a Christmas tree and many other things. But it is all worth it because you also get to see your family and have lots of fun too.

In December, the aroma of Christmas cookies fills the house. My mouth waters as I sniffed at the cookies in the oven. I listen closely to the timer and when it dings the cookies will be done. My stomach growled as I ask my mom "are the cookies done yet" my mom said "they are almost done". Standing quietly, I noticed that the bell is ringing. I peered at my momís sugar cookies. When I touched the cookies it was super hot, but 5 minutes later they were just right. I felt happy I was finally eating my sugar cookies.

I feel excited and sad at Christmas time because it is a really fun time of year but the summer is now over.

By Jessica S.

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