Meeting Mrs. Obama

On Friday, September 24th my class and I went to Stone Barns to meet Mrs. Obama. It was very exciting because I got to talk to her about healthy foods and she gave me a great big happy smile.

My group and I went to the chicken coop and picked fresh eggs and put them in the basket for the chefs to cook with. It was really fun! My group also got to pick tomatoes off the vines in the garden while other famous women from around the world watched us.

We ended the day eating at the Blue Hill Restaurant. Some of the kids got to prepare the lunch with the chefs in the kitchen. We got to eat delicious pasta called cavatelli with pesto sauce and for dessert we got to eat scrumptious plum crisp with whipped cream.

This was a great way to begin third grade. I will remember meeting Mrs. Obama on this special day forever.

By Ayla

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