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Animal Network The Ultimate online guide for pet owners
Barnyard Palace Learn how to manage and care for various animals. Learn about the lifecycle of a goat and that dairy cows use their tails as fly swatters.
Bats 4 Kids Bats Bats Everywhere is the battiest site on the internet. Visit a virtual cave, find out what they eat, where they live and why bats are not birds.
The Life of Birds
You get to be a field researcher, reporting on bird spotings to help researchers track and map birds movements. 
Club Caterpillar for Kids 
Dangerous Insects - from Orkin A buggy web site with lots of information about all the insect that give us the creeps.
Care 4 Pets
Let the experts at American Veterinary Medical Association give you all the latest pet info.
Cats From the Saber tooth tiger to your favorite feline, you'll find everything you want to know about cats here.
Dolphins Wild Friendly Dolphins, Everything you ever wanted to know about dolphins! 
All About Frogs

Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page
Exploratorium: Frogs 
Farm Animals
Find out how to attract hummingbirds and everything else you want to know about these interesting birds.
Insecta.com Bug lovers heaven
Journey North lets students follow animal migration and other seasonal changes.
Llamas Prairie Point Llamas for all llamas lovers.
National Zoo has some awesome displays of animals from around the world.
Pet Station Advice on pet care, pictures, and links for all of you animal lovers.
Rabbit Visit the House Rabbit Society's home page for everything there is to know about making a rabbit your pet.
Rainforest Animals Where can you find an antelope the size of a rabbit, a frog that can fly, or a spider that eats birds? All in tropical rainforests, of course! Visit this site complete with information, pictures and croaking sounds.
Savage Seas explore the oceans from top to bottom.
(they make goldfish food) Create your own virtual aquarium. You can also get help on fish care.
Tidy Cat- you'll get first-hand accounts of cat body language, breeding, and even kittie box filler tips. You can discuss cat care and more.
Virtual Safari has high quality pictures of animals in the wild.

All About Dinosaurs
Read a rebus story about dinosaurs. Find out fast facts about dinosaurs from the fastest to the deadliest. Discover new dinosaur finds. Ask an expert questions and get answers. Explore a geological time line. Try to guess the answers to dinosaur jokes and play some dinosaur games.
Dino Questions Answered
Take a tour of the dinosaur exhibit. 
Dinos Home There are still new discoveries being made today about dinosaurs. Read all about dinosaur art, digs, eggs, exhibits and the latest dinosaur news.
Dinosauria Did you know that dinosaurs and birds are very similar creatures? Come and see how dinosaurs evolved. Take a trip across the time line where you will learn many dinosaur terms, translations and pronunciations.
Discovery Room Online Test your dinosaur knowledge by answering some dinosaur riddles. Become a paleontologist and try and correctly reconstruct dinosaur skeletons.
http://dinosaurs.eb.com Using an easy to follow grid, follow the evolution of the dinosaur.
National Geographic Dinorama

Life Over Time-The Field Museum
Media page from Life Over Time
Teeth, Tuske & Tarpits-The Field Museum
Tour through Time

American Museum of Natural History-Expedition: Endangered!
Bagheera, A Website for Our Endangered Species
Crocodile Hunter
E-Patrol Endangered Species Alert
EE Endangered Species
Endangered Animals
Habitat Hunters Web Site
Kids Corner-Endangered Species
Kidscorner - Endangered Animals  
(skip the coloring book and scroll down)
Kid Info.com Endangered Animals
National Wildlife Federation: Keep the WIld Alive
National Wildlife Federation: Search
National Wildlife Federation Learning About Endangered Species
National Wildlife Federation Endangered Species Articles Online
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
World Wildlife Federation Fact Sheets

Arachnology Arachnology is an outstanding and comprehensive collection of online resources for young people to learn about spiders, with great animations and links to spider units and projects in schools throughout the United States and abroad.
Spiders Spiders is an online elementary school teaching unit in English and Spanish offered by the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) that includes lessons on spider characteristics, life cycles, catching of prey, and natural enemies.
Spider Page The Spider Page has links to spider resources throughout the world. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about spiders.


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