Can a woman be President?

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Can a Woman be a Successful President?
by Alex

I think a woman can be a successful president because women have been good leaders in other countries for years. Our constitution guarantees that all mankind is created equal. I think that some women are smarter if not as smart as men, they have more common sense, and I believe that a woman would not be as quick as a man to start wars. Besides, how would people know if this woman, from the streets is really better than Clinton? Ya’ gotta’ give women a chance!

A Woman can be a President
by Kristen

A woman can be a president. They do a job just as good as men because they are just as smart as men. For instance there is a governor in New Jersey and she is terrific. Women are equal to men, and should have the same opportunities as men. Women follow rules and are fair too. Women can cooperate with the government. Women can make good choices, and effective speeches. Most people say, "Well what about their kids?" Think about it. Men are responsible for their kids just as much as women are. A woman won’t run president if she has 3 year olds and needs to stay with them. She’ll run when she gets older because her kids will be older. I hope people will change their minds and give them a chance, because they’re there to do their jobs. I hope that one day I can live to see a woman president.

Can A Woman Make A Successful President?
by Erin

It is my opinion that a woman can make a successful president. I think women are just as smart as men are, and deserve a chance to be the President of the United States. I think everyone should be treated equally. I think women can make just as good choices as men. Women might make better Presidents than men, but we just don’t know because a woman has never been a President before.

In other countries women are making successful governors, and leaders, and I think a woman would do a great job at being the President of the United States of America if only given a chance.

Can a Woman Make a Succesful President?
by Danny

Yes, a woman can be President. They have rights to be what they want to be. If they are fair and follow the laws, I think they could do it. Since this is a free country and women in other countries are leaders, we should try it too. Being a girl does not matter just as having a long nose or a short nose does not matter. All that matters is that you are working hard for this job. Pakistan has a woman leader. So I think America should too.

Women Presidents?
by Emily

I think a women can be President. Why only men have been President I do not know, but I do know women can do. Should gender matter? When I was in second grade Mrs.Taverna had a poster up of all the Presidents. I studied the it closely and noticed none of them were women. I was shocked! Usually you think people in elementary school just know ABC and 123, but I was different. If there are no women Presidents, doesn’t that mean men have ruled made decisions and told us what to do over the last two centuries? It kind of makes women feel like slaves if you really think about it. Is there a law saying men are always President? Just give women a chance to prove they can be President. The state wants fairness and I think that is fair.

Can a Woman Make a Successful President?
by Veronica

I believe that a woman can, just as easily as a man, be a successful President of the United States. As it says in the Declaration of Independence, "all men are created equal." In this case, I say, "All men, and women are created equal." And, since all men and women are created equal, women deserve a chance to be President. Lots of women are much better with politics than some men in the U.S. There are also quite a few women who are more than willing to travel to create peace and harmony. One of the main reasons the President was never a woman is, some people refuse to stand up for what they believe.

Can a Woman Make a Successful President?
by Carmen

I think that a woman can be a successful president because women can do everything that men can do. Women can do anything that they put their mind to do. Women are very hard workers and are just as smart as men. Sometimes women can not become presidents because they have families to take care for and chores to do. But I think that they can be president and take care of their family.

Can a Woman be a Successful President?
by Nicky

It is my opinion that women can be successful presidents. Mrs. Clinton could be as successful as Mr. Clinton. Good president qualities can be found in men and women. Just because there has never been a women president in the past doesn't mean there can't be a women president.

A good president needs to be drug free, make good choices, keep promises, follow the laws, and do other good things to help the world. Women have all these qualities.

Some women might make a better president than some men. Women can cooperate with the government just like men.

India, Pakistan, Britain, and Israel have had successful women leaders.

When people vote, they should look at the good qualities that make a successful president and leadership ability not history or gender.

A Woman Can Be a Successful President
by Gregory

Women do everything that happens day to day. There are a lot of women who want to be a president. A woman takes on a lot of responsibility. Women take care of thing that affect other people lives, day to day things like drug and alcohol. One day women might fight in war too. Women can be president!

Can a Woman be a Successful President?
By Gauri

I believe that a woman can make a successful President. A man may be stronger than a woman, but a woman can be smarter than a man can. A woman can do just about anything a man can do. I say there is no reason that a woman can't be president. A woman can be just as good a person as a man and willing to travel. In India there were several women Presidents and Prime Ministers. I don’t know why no woman is even trying to be President.

Can a Woman be President?
by Brittany

I think a woman can make a successful president because women and men have equal skills. A woman can do anything a man can do. Some men are stronger than women are but the job of a president does not involve physical strength. Both men and women can be truthful, fair, and hopefully drug free. They're both smart and can make good choices. The reason some people don't think it can be done is because they won't give them a chance. Women just need a chance!

Can a Woman Make a Successful President?
by Peter

I think a woman can make a successful president of the USA because there are a lot of smart women. If a kid asked for their signature a woman would be more likely than a man would to sign it, in my opinion. I would also like a woman to be a president because there never was one before. In Britain, India, Israel, and Pakistan they have had women leaders before. Hopefully when I get older there will be a woman president. I think all people should have equal rights and opportunities.

A Woman President?
by Mariana

My opinions about female presidents are strong. Women can make good points about war and care for the environment. Other women have been successful at running states and even countries. Females should get a chance to do anything they want to do. Women would understand children's needs, and women would never send their children to war. The budget would work as smoothly as with a male president. Women are better at conflict mediation.

People can do anything they want to do if they try hard. Any female can become a president if she wants to.

Can a Woman be a successful President
by Amanda

I think a woman would be successful as a president. I feel a lot of women do not take drugs or do bad things. Women are kinder and less violent than men are. Women are fair and keep more promises. Women and men are equal and can both do the job of a good president.

Can a Woman make a Successful President?
by Luisana

My opinion is that a woman can be president because women are fair and loyal. Women need a chance. Pakistan, Great Britain, Israel, and India have had women leaders why shouldn’t we. Women are smart and they can do what ever it takes to be president. People say that they can’t be president but what’s so bad about a female president? If a woman runs for president and is good, give her a chance and see what it’s like to have a female president.

Can a Woman Make a Successful President?
by Daneisha

My opinion is that a women can be a successful president because they are capable of having a big job. Most women are smart, truthful, and have cooperation. Women are successful in almost everything.

In Pakistan, Great Britain, Israel, and India they have had a lot of lady president. In New Jersey the Governor is Christi Whitman. People who live there say she is a good Governor. That’s my opinion.