1. Italy is located in southern ____________ .

  2. It takes about _____ hours to get to fly to from Rome, Italy to New York, New York.

  3. Name one country that touches Italy. __________

  4. What is the capital of Italy? __________

  5. Name one of Italy's two mountain ranges.

  6. Italy is a little bigger than what state in the United States? _______________

  7. In the famous saying: "All roads lead to __________."

  8. The most important seaport in Italy is __________.

  9. The largest island in the Mediterranean is __________.

  10. Turin is in ________________.

  11. __________ is famous for its magnificent works of art.

  12. Venice is known as the _______ of __________.

  13. __________ is Italy's national sport.




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