If you visit Italy you must try.....

  Spinach ravioli
served with lasagna
and a side order of cheese

Gelato-it is so incredibly delicious!

Pizza- so many different kinds
and very thin crust

Spinach risotto

Tortellini in a soup broth

Ravioli in vodka sauce
stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese

Gnocchi served with sauce or butter
(for the little ones)

Espresso is like coffee but a little stronger
it is served in a miniature cup and is yummy!

Meat tortellini served with alfredo sauce
and grilled perciutto ( which is like ham)

Muscles marinera- Muscles cooked with an awesome tomato sauce and served as a yummy appetizer!

Homemade pound cake with no icing and nothing special however it is an Italian treat you are sure to at least like!

Penne alla vodka- My favorite type of pasta ( my mom makes it very well but my aunt in Italy makes it better!)

Zeppeli - fried dough with sugar

All these foods are delicious
but don't eat all of them at once!

What makes their pasta great is their sauce is very light plus their tomatoes are ripe and fresh.

Zucchini fries/chips - fried zucchini with some fried bread crumbs. It is very delicious!

Calamari - Squids mantle cut into rings and fried with bread crumbs.

Popcorn - make sure you stop by a popcorn machine on your way!

Stuffed shells - stuffed with delicious ricotta cheese and pasta shaped as shells.

by Alex M. (Alessandro)  & Gabrielle M. (Gabriela)


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Created by Terry Hongell
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