The Train Station

The building of the railroad that ran through Pocantico Hills began in 1880-1881. The railroad, planned as a direct route from New York City to Montreal, was completed only as far as Carmel, New York.

Originally the railroad crossed a swampy area which is now the larger of the two Tarrytown water supply lakes. It stretched over a large trestle that held it high above the swampland. The trestle began at East View and lowered to the ground to go through the Pocantico Hills Rock Cut which is now closed to the public because of falling rocks.

The train station was built where the Tarrytown skating shed now stands. Pocantico Hills became a thriving business community because of the railroad. It consisted of two livery stables, two grocery stores, a butcher shop, two apartment houses, a post office and two hotels.

Mr. Rockefeller found the presence of the train objectionable. Bothered by the noise and dirt, he had to wear goggles while playing golf. Eventually, Mr. Rockefeller Jr. paid to have the railroad moved to Briarcliff so he would not suffer. Many people sold their houses to him so that the railroad could be relocated.

This marked the end of the railroad's running through Pocantico Hills. It took twenty-five years and five million dollars for Mr. Rockefeller to achieve his goal.

By Regina Bergen

Train Station Constructed By:
Jonathan Chamberlain
Joey Elber
Alexander Klein
Scott Sans
Anthony Villani

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