Pocantico Hills Central School

The Squash Hill School, the earliest public school in Pocantico Hills, was a far cry from the impressive structure of today. Although it stood on the same spot as the current school, it was somewhat lopsided and had to be propped up with a long pole.

After the Civil War, there were several attempts to make a larger and better school with space for a playground. In 1880, to provide for the sudden increase in population, the community made new plans for the school. The new property was on Bedford Road, only a short distance from the old school . The new building, a one-story frame house, had only one room heated with a wood stove. At first there was only one teacher; then a second instructor arrived. In 1893 the trustees rented The Lyceum as a classroom for the primary grades.

In 1895 there was a motion to build a school on a new site. John D. Rockefeller Sr. deeded the land, nearly an acre by the Rock Cut. The new Pocantico Hills Union Free School opened in September, 1897. The building was made of stone, trimmed with brick, and set in grounds beautifully landscaped. Students had a library, maps, and a globe available to them. Three teachers instructed the elementary grades through high school. This school was one of the first in New York to teach domestic science and manual training.

by Jessie Ma

Old School Constructed by:
Jessica Gavaller
John Giordano
Justin Goldstein
Eboné Minton
Robbie Yuen

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