The Lyceum-Library Building

The Lyceum, a building that was first a meeting place for the Women's Club and then a firehouse, stood in the Pocantico Hills for more than a century. Lewis Roberts, a wealthy landowner in the area in the 1890's, donated the property. The cornerstone for the Lyceum was laid in October 1890, and the building was completed in 1891. For the next forty years the Lyceum was used for the community's religious, social, and literary activities. It housed a public library organized by the New York State Department of Education. On Saturday evening people would gather to sing, dance, and play games and enjoy refreshments.

The Lyceum outgrew its usefulness eventually. The two churches that had shared its facilities constructed their own buildings and activity centers. The library was moved to the more convenient Central School. As automobiles became more common, people got used to going outside Pocantico Hills for entertainment and cultural events.

In 1926 Pocantico Incorporated larger fire control plan in the " Liberty Hook and Ladder Company" changed its name to "Hilltop Engine Company, No.1." Since the new fire department had more equipment, the old firehouse was inadequate. The Lyceum was remodeled to serve as a firehouse until the 1960's when it was torn down and a new building was constructed.


Shirley Arcan

House Built by:
Breland Cunningham
Laura Lauko
Peter LiMarzi
Melanie Pera

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