Lightning Rod Quiz
Hint: Print out the quiz and use it with the lighting rod story

  1. Ben was very curious about ____________________.

  2. He began writing to other ___________________ about electricity.

  3. He liked to perform electrical _____________ at parties.

  4. Ben believed that _______________ and __________________ were the same thing.

  5. Ben thought a tower with a _____________  would help him discover if electricity and lighting were the same.

  6. Ben had ________ reasons to believe electricity and lightning were the same thing.

  7. In 1752 in Europe, __________scientist tried his experiment and proved he was right.

  8. Ben was busy in ______________ trying to prove his idea.

  9. Ben and William went to a field to fly a ___________.

  10. __________ ran through the meadow with the kite.

  11. At first ____________ happened.

  12. He noticed that small pieces of string were standing on end like the hair on a scared __________.

  13. Ben received a shock from the _________ in his hand.

  14. The rain came down and the string became ___________.

  15. This was a great moment in the history of ________________.

  16. Ben invented the ____________ rod.

  17. He wrote about it in ________________________.

  18. Ben was given an honorary ___________by Harvard, Yale and William and Mary Colleges.


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