Timeline Quiz
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  1. Ben Franklin was born on _______________ in __________, Massachusetts.

  2. Ben was a good reader but not very good at _______________. 

  3. Ben had to leave school when he was _________.

  4. Ben was an apprentice in his older brother James'  ____________ shop.

  5. He signed his first article ________________________________ . 

  6. When Ben was 17 he ran away to ______________________.

  7. Ben opened his own print shop in Philadelphia in _____________.

  8. In _________ Ben married Deborah Read.

  9. Ben is famous for writing and publishing Poor __________________.

  10. He is also famous for inventing the __________________.

  11. Ben proved that ______________ and _____________ are the same thing.

  12. He was the first __________________of all thirteen colonies.

  13. Ben represented the colonies in the ___________ House of Commons.

  14. Ben helped to write the ________________ of __________________.

  15. Ben convinced the ____________ government to help the colonies.

  16. In 1785 Ben came back to Philadelphia a ________.

  17. He also helped to write the ______________ of the United States.

  18. Ben died in ____________. We remember him as a great American.


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