Ben & Me: "alike but different"

Benjamin Franklin and I are the same because... I am different from Benjamin Franklin because...
We both like to read. We like to read everything. 
by Abigail
I was born in the United States, Ben was born in the American colonies. 
We both like science.
by Alexander
He had long hair and I don't. 
We are both curious.
by Alexandra
He wears a wig and I don't. 
We both are intelligent and smart.
by Amanda
I'm good at math and he failed math. 
We both love to read.
by Dana G.
He ran away and I didn't.  
We don't give up.
by Chris
I am small and he is tall.
We both swim fast and good.
by Daniel
When he was small he was not good at math.
We both like reading because we can sit down and relax.
by Danielle
He thought math was hard and I think math is easy.  
Both like reading. Ben even became a vegetarian so he could buy more books to read.
by Erik
He learned to read with a horn book and I learned to read with a regular book. 
We both know how to swim very well without bumping into someone. 
by Geena G.
I wear jeans and socks and he wore knickers and stockings.  
We both like to play games.
by Genna N.
He loved science and I don't. 
We are good in reading.
by Griffin
He wore knickers and stockings and I wear pants and socks.  
We never give up.
by Hayle
He wears glasses and I don't. 
We don't give up.
by Helene
I didn't run away from home.
We both like to think a lot.
by Jennifer
He wore hats all the time and I don't.
We are both smart.
by Jordenn
I live in New York and he did not. 
I'm a good swimmer and so was he.
by Kira
He worked for his father and I don't work for anyone at all.  
We like to read and we love to learn.
by Maggie 
He used a horn book and I use a regular book.
We both love to write poems.
by Max
Math was hard for Ben and its easy for me.
We are both hard workers.
by Nadia
He is a scientist and I'm not. 
We both are smart.
by Nicole
He ran away from home and I didn't. 
We both love reading and we both love to write. Ben and I love to swim.
by Noel
He stared school when he was 8 and I started when I was 5.  
We both like to build.
by Omari
I like to snowboard and he didn't. 
We both like to go fishing and catch fish. 
by Robert B.
He wore stockings and knickers. I wear socks and pants instead.  
We both like to play tricks on people.
by Robert S.
Ben was not good at math and I am good at math.   
He and I are inventors. He invented swimming paddles and I invented lemon soda when I was 7.
by Rose
He went to school for 2 years and I will go to school for many years.  
He was a good writer and I am a good writer.
by Samantha
He thought math was hard and I think math is easy.
We both get into trouble once in a while. Ben got into trouble when he made the wharf out of the rocks that did not belong to him.
by Sean
He invented things and I don't 
We both help people.
by Staci
I am good at math and Ben wasn't. 


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