Notes about this site

As election time approached in the fall of 2000 I searched for a web site for our second grade students at Pocantico Hills School to use while studying about the election. I found lots of great sites but nothing that was simple enough for our very young students. So I set out to create an election site for them to use. 

I struggled with how much to tell in the story without being confusing. Did I tell enough? I hope so!

I was surprised how much our children already knew about the election. One of them asked me if I thought that there should be a limit to the amount candidates spend on their election. Another said, "My dad says you have to have good hair to get elected President." As we discussed campaign issues one said that he had heard Al Gore talk about gun control, another said she heard George Bush talk about taxes. 

There was a request for an opportunity to vote on the web site and some games to play. I hope you enjoyed your visit and found it useful for your young children. If you have any suggestions or comments e-mail me.

Terry Hongell
computer teacher
Pocantico Hills School
Sleepy Hollow, NY


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