Spinone Italiano
(Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog)
By Austin G.

Country of Origin: Italy

Date of Origin: 14th - 17th Century

Characteristics: The name of this breed is called Spinone Italiano. This is a very strong dog used for hunting in different climates. It is an excellent swimmer and has a thick, wiry coat. Some people say that their eyes are very expressive and look almost human. It is known to be very intelligent and an easygoing breed. It is good with children. He is also a retriever and he belongs to the gun group. A characteristic feature is a fast trot and it especially likes forests and swampy areas. It's been a retriever for centuries. The dog is a large rugged dog.

Height & Weight: This dog is 22-27 inches tall and it weighs 67-85 pounds.

Function: The Spinone Italiano's original function was as a hunting dog. Today it is still used for hunting.


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