Queensland Heeler
by Lila

Pet or animal photo from 'Dawn Pearson'

Country of Origin: Australia

Date of Origin: 19th Century

Characteristics: The Queensland heeler is an Australian cattle dog. It is a sturdy compact working dog. This dog has a short undercoat and a short straight outer coat. The outer coat is speckled colors. They are protective of the cattle, loyal, and alert. They can be suspicious of people and dogs they don't know. This dog is good with children and family members they have known since puppy hood. Some tend to nip at the heel if someone is making fun of it.

Height & Weight: It is about 17-20 inches and 32- 35 pounds.

Original Function: It was used as a herding dog to work the live stock.

Today's Function: The Australian cattle dog is suited to Australia because there are a lot of cattle in Australia. All day it has to be outside or working.

I used the Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds and some websites on the Internet.


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