German Shepherd
by Rachel


Country of Origin: Germany

Date of Origin: 1800s

Characteristics: The German Shepherd's nose is often black and has dark brown eyes. Its coat can be tan, brown, and black. Their ears are medium sized. They are very intelligent, have tremendous loyalty, learn fast, and are fearless, and obedient. They are also the best high jumpers.

Height and Weight: The German Shepherd's height is about 24 to 26 inches and weight is about 77 to 85 pounds.

Original Function: The German Shepherd was used as a sheep dog, guardian, and police dog.

Today's Function: Today they're used as a police dog, contraband detection, and assistance.

These are the things this dog was a good fit for this country: During World War I the army finally recognized the usefulness of German Shepherd dogs. They did many helpful things like messengers, helping find where the wounded soldiers were, guard dogs, and patrol dogs sighting enemies. Because of the anger in wartime towards anything German so England renamed the breed Alsatian, so people would buy them. After World War I they became very popular and famous.

These are the things that helped us: Books - Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds by Caroline Coile, ABC Dogs by Kathy Darling. Web Sites-,

I hope you had a fun time learning about the German Shepherd.


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