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Our class has been participating in the raising of a Guiding Eyes puppy. Each week, the children have worked with her to foster the personality traits needed by a dog that fulfills this vital role. As we grew in our understanding of this dog, the children began to have questions about other breeds. We decided to gather information about dogs that originated in several different countries, seeking to discover what unique roles they might fill. Using texts, maps, books, and resources in the computer lab, each student located the country of origin and compiled a report about a special dog. We hope you enjoy their work.

by Mrs. Sbarra's Class
2004 - 2005

Ainu Borzoi Chinese Shar Pei Italian Greyhound


Cairn Terrier Dachshund Queensland Heeler
Alaskan Husky Chihuahua Dalmatian Shih Tzu
Basenji Chinese Crested Dog German Shepherd Spinone Italiano
Bichon Frise  

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