by Liam


Country of Origin: Yugoslavia

Date of Origin: Disagreement

Characteristics: The Dalmatian has a pure white coat with spots all over its body. Its nose is black, brown, blue or dark gray. They have a lot of energy, they have excellent memories and they're playful and happy.

Height & Weight: The weight is 55 pound, and height is 24 inches.

Function: The original function was being guards for carriages, and good protection for their masters. Today's function is being guard dogs and helpers to firefighters, circus performers, vermin hunters and companion dogs. It was fit for Yugoslavia because the Yugoslavians had a lot of wars and it helped to fight. In Yugoslavia the dog was used for retrieving. It can run forever and not get tired.

I used Encyclopedia Of Breeds By D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D. and Pet Crests.


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