by Tarun

Country of Origin: Germany

Date of Origin: Hundreds of years ago

Characteristics: There are three types of Dachshunds. They are the wire-haired, longhaired, and the shorthaired. Colors and patterns include solid and two colors. Dachshunds can be tan, yellow, black, brown, or gray with areas of bright chestnut. Curious and mischievous, they are very clever and may attempt to make the owner listen. All are slightly difficult to train.

Height and Weight: 
Normal: 14-18 inches, 20 pounds
Toy: 1foot, 8 pounds

Original Function: Used to drive badgers from their holes.

Today's Function: It's a pet good for apartment living. They will do without a yard. There is lots of land in Germany so they can run around in their yard.

I used these resources for my project: Encarta encyclopedia, www.dogbreedinfo.com


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