(Russian Wolfhound)
by Jahliyah

Country of Origin: Russia

Date of Origin: Brought from Arabia to Russia in the 1600s

Characteristics: The Borzoi has a long thin narrow head. It has a heavy silk curly coat with white, black, gray, tan or lemon markings. This dog has dark eyes with small fine ears and long legs and tail. It has a long body too. The Borzoi hairs are so long it almost looks like a sheep. It is a sweet dog, intelligent and easy to train. The Borzoi is also a hunter and not well suited for being a child's companion.

Height & Weight: The Borzoi's height is at least 28 inches and it weighs between 75-105 pounds.

Original Function: The Borzoi was originally used for hunting wolves. That's how it got the name Russian Wolf Hound. It is a cross with sheep dogs. The Russian word Borzoii means swift.

Today's Function: Today the Borzoi is a hunting dog and a companion dog.

Why is this dog good for this country: The Borzoi is good for this country because it needs space to walk and run. Russia is a good place to run and walk.

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