by Chris R.

Country of Origin: Egypt

Date of Origin: nineteenth century

Characteristics: The Basenji is alert, affectionate, demanding, energetic and curious. It loves to play. Basenjis are about the size of a fox terrier. It has a coat of copper, red, black and tan. The Basenji is speedy and frisky. It usually has white on its chest and the tip of its tail.

Height & Weight: This dog is 16-17 inches tall and weighs 22-26 pounds.

Original Function: In Africa it was originally used as a guide in the forest to warn the people of dangerous animals. 

Today's Function: Today the Basenji is a hunting dog and great to have as a pet.

Why this dog was suited for this country: The Basenji has short fur because in Egypt it is kind of hot.

Resources you used: The resources I used were American Kennel Dog, Rare Dogs Breeds and Encyclopedia of Dogs by Caroline Coil.


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