Alaskan Husky
by Austin D.

Country of Origin: USA

Date of Origin: Ancient times

Characteristics: Every Alaskan Husky has an undercoat for the low temperatures of their environments. The dog has a deep slim, chest, long legs and can be one color or multicolor. They are very friendly and strong. They are mainly black, gray and white but can also red or brown. Usually the ears stand straight up but in a few cases they lay flat. Alaskan Huskies are rarely watchdogs and the breed rarely even bark and they usually howl.

Height and Weight: Height 21-23.5 inches Weight 45-60 lbs.

Original Function: The breed was used in Alaska as a sled dog, watchdog, and pet

Today's Function: In the first decade of the 20th century it was imported into Alaska where it has since been used as a sled dog and particularly in the sport of sled team racing. The Iditarod shows off the best sled dog teams in the world.


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