by Javan

Country of Origin: The Akita is originally from Japan.

Date of Origin: This breed was first found in the 1600's.

Characteristics of Breed: The Akita is an intelligent and loyal dog, but can be aggressive at times. The Akita has small pointy ears, dark brown eyes, and a black nose. It has a curly tail and webbed paws. His webbed paws make it a good swimmer. The height of the Akita is between 24-28 inches. The weight of the dog is between 75-120 pounds.

Original Function: The Akita was first used as a royal dog, then as a fighting dog, police, army, and guard dog. This breed was also used for hunting deer and bear because of its hunting ability. During the winter the dog was used for sledding.

Today's Function: Today the Akita is used as a pet and companion dog.



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