by Anita

Pet or animal photo from 'Kazuhiro Takada'

Country of Origin: Japan

Date of Origin: unknown

Characteristics: The name of this dog is Ainu. It came from Japan. The date of origin is unknown. This dog is gentle, obedient and loving. Its coat comes in different colors. These colors are wolfgray, red, brown and white. The Ainu dog has pointy ears and a strong head. It is thin, muscular, sturdy- looking, and this dog is fast. Hindquarters are covered with a double coat to keep itself warm. This gentle dog is fearless and determined hunter, also used as a watchdog, guard and defender. They are used as sled dogs and scenting hounds. This dog is quickly trained. It could pound a bear!

Height and Weight: 18-22 inches is how tall this dog is. 45-65 pounds is how much this dog weights.

Original Function: At Japan the Ainu dog was used for a village guardian, and it was also used for hunting.

Today's Function: Today's the Ainu is still used for hunting and it's a good pet. It is also good at guarding property.

About the Country: Japan is a cold place. That is why the Ainu dog has a double coat. The Ainu dog is not good for hot places because it will get too hot. This dog is good for the cold.



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