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American Museum of Natural History
Cretaceous China at the Field Museum

Dinosaur Central

Dinosaur Database: University of Bristol
Dinosaur Eggs
Dino Jokes by Little Explorer
Dinosauria: Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Dinosaur Illustrations - A-Z: One at a Time, List of Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs in Hawaii
Fossil Fun 
Jurassic China at the Field Museum, Chicago
Life Over Time - On-Line Exhibit Field Museum, Chicago

National Geographic: Prehistoric World
Royal Tyrrell Museum Dinosaur Hall
Scrambled Dinosaurs by Little Explorers
Sue, the world's largest most complete T-rex at the Field Museum, Chicago
Teeth, Tusks & Tarpits - On-Line Exhibit, Field Museum, Chicago
Triassic Period - On-Line Exhibit, Field Museum, Chicago
US Geological Service, Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction
Write your own dinosaur story 
Zoom Dinosaurs 1st Grade Math Games

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