More about Dinosaurs
by Matthew C, Daniel C. & Zjahquan

dino-3.gif (12145 bytes)We learned lots of interesting facts about the prehistoric creatures: the Dinosaurs! No, don't think you are learning boring old facts, these facts are fun!

Dinosaurs lived a long time ago, before cave men (65 million years ago). There are lots of dinosaurs waiting to be discovered. We'd like to share a few of our favorites with you. Scientists are trying to find our why dinosaurs became extinct. Some dinosaurs were meat eaters and others ate plants. Some of them were very fierce. Some of the smaller dinosaurs were able to run faster than it predators an were able to get away. Some dinosaurs weren't very smart and had tiny brains.

ALLOSAURUS.JPG (55507 bytes)Scientists are not sure why the dinosaurs died. They think that a large meteor or comet hit the earth about 165 million years ago. The meteor caused fires that killed lots of the dinosaurs. Then great clouds of dust and soot covered the earth for months. No sun could shine through. With no sun to help the plants grow there was no food for the plant eating dinosaurs. They died. The meat eaters soon had nothing left to eat. They died too!

Some of the animals we know today are descendent of the dinosaurs.

If you think that animals the swam or flew were dinosaurs, your wrong, they are not! Some people think that cave men lived during the age of dinosaurs, but they did not.

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